10 Aug Cctv camera installation

If you running business or any other services. We specialize in protecting your business from burglary, intrusion, fire and other security threats by providing video surveillances, access central, fire alarm systems, security central panel horn stiles and more. So just make a call to keep...

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10 Aug Tv installation and repair

We provide specialist service that covers high definition TVs, plasma screens, installation advice extends to choice over free standing units, wall mounts, TVs or even a TV with proper antennas , remote control digital antennas and set top boxes included all repairing issues of TV...

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10 Aug Geyser repair

When it’s time to take shower we all need warm water that takes off our tension and gives us relaxation during chilling winter days but when geyser goes off then it’s nothing worse than cold shower .So, not to worry now we are here to...

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09 Aug Microwave repair

If you are looking for microwave maintenance, microwave repair. We Pear services help you. We provide you best, fast and easy service, repair and maintenance of your microwave. We have highly qualified technician that fixed all major to minor problems in just one call.     ...

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09 Aug Ro Service & Repair

Water is essential part of life. So it is important to have safe and healthy life and water is most essential need for healthy life style. Due to polluted environment it affects water quality and gradually affects your water purifier and it requires proper maintenance...

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09 Aug Washing machine repair

Washing of cloths is major work but when it’s come to machine issue it affects whole balance of home. So not to worry we are here to provide all kind of issues such as dryer ,spinner not working, leakage ,timer problem ,blown fuse, faulty power...

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09 Aug Refrigerator service

It is a very important home requirement that keep our daily routine food active and it requires at a time service in case of breakdown but not to worry we ”Pear Services” provides a complete range of refrigerator repair that includes all kinds of door,...

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09 Aug Ac service and installation

We all know summer season is one of the most hectic seasons so it is most important thing is to get your AC ready. We pear services serve your all kinds of AC re-installation, general repair, gas filling, ac fan repair, leaking service. We provide...

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